D’Artagnan Wins Support Contract for WRUCC Project Development

D’Artagnan Wins Support Contract for WRUCC Project Development Image

For Immediate Release

Effort spans 4 years, includes collaborative research into systems and policy development of road usage charging

Reston, VA — April 17, 2015 — D’Artagnan has been awarded a contract to support the Western Road Usage Charge Consortium (WRUCC), a voluntary group of twelve state Departments of Transportation. D’Artagnan will undertake collaborative research into policy and system development of new transportation funding methods that involve collecting a road usage charge (RUC) from drivers based on distance traveled on the roadway network. D’Artagnan will investigate, develop, and potentially demonstrate various aspects of RUC as directed by WRUCC members. This pool-funded, multi-state project will feature both electronic and non-electronic data and revenue collection systems, including technologies necessary to ensure an effective, enforceable, and interoperable system across participating WRUCC jurisdictions as well as means of achieving interoperability using non-electronic methods. D’Artagnan may also provide strategic planning and risk management services to foster expansion of RUC policy, systems, and a commercial market in the WRUCC jurisdictions. As the market leader in innovative transportation funding and RUC, D’Artagnan is very pleased to work with WRUCC to examine collaborative approaches to funding reform and modernization for the western region of the U.S.

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