Ging Ging Liu Fernandez

Principal Associate

Ging Ging Fernandez brings her desire for efficient, modern, accessible, and environmentally sustainable transportation to D’Artagnan. She works towards this ideal by assisting transportation agencies with innovative solutions in the areas of intelligent transportation systems, electronic payment systems, and public transit. She is a leader in the transportation industry of applying sound systems engineering principles to ensure that new programs, policies, and projects are able to endure in today’s environment of rapidly changing technology.

Ging Ging Fernandez has over 16 years of experience in the transportation and communications engineering industries. She is a seasoned project manager with experience overseeing system deployments, developing transportation payment programs, and conducting transportation studies. Ms. Fernandez works in cross-cultural environments to achieve consensus amongst a wide range of stakeholders. She has worked in Asia, Europe, Abu Dhabi, and across the United States. As rapporteur, Ms. Fernandez led the development of international transit ITS standards through the International Organization of Standards (ISO) for many years and also served as a US delegate to the International Telecommunications Union.

Prior to joining D’Artagnan, she worked at Traffic Technologies, Inc. advising toll agencies on deploying all-electronic tolling, express lanes, and toll system and customer service centers. Before that, while with Cambridge Systematics in Boston and then Booz Allen Hamilton in San Francisco, she supported the US Department of Transportation and public transit agencies on systems engineering, standards development, outreach, and education in the areas of ITS, electronic fare payment systems, and the Connected Vehicle program. Ms. Fernandez enjoys the environmental aspects of transportation and also bridging the gap between new technology and transportation policy. She has worked on vehicle emissions and health impacts, impacts of all-electronic tolling at the Golden Gate Bridge, modeling congestion pricing, and technology in safety applications for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Ms. Fernandez holds a patent on generating samples for digital simulations.

Ms. Fernandez is a member of Women in Transportation Seminars and serves on the St. Anthony School Parent Teacher Student Guild Board. Currently, she is supporting road charging projects in Hawaii and Washington.