Jack Opiola


John A.A. or “Jack” Opiola is President of D’Artagnan Consulting. Jack is a pioneer and global thought leader for road user charging in all its forms – parking, tolling, HOT lanes, congestion charging and distance-based road usage charging (RUC or VMT). Jack brings an enthusiastic, creative, spirited drive to the partnership that has amplified over his 35 years of worldwide work in revenue collection and transportation funding. The vision that consumes Jack, is an integrated and intelligent, global, interoperable mobility system that is fair, efficient, sustainable and efficacious.

opiola_talk2Jack Opiola is President of D’Artagnan Consulting LLP. He leads the partnership’s efforts in strategic program planning and implementation consultancy support for road user charging and ITS systems. He has over 35 years’ business experience specializing in project management, PPP/PFI projects and business planning for technology projects including ITS, electronic road pricing, travel demand management, toll and revenue collection systems (ETC) for transport, and advanced parking markets. He also supports Smart Card System design/applications, transport telecommunications (fiber & wireless), CCTV, Violation Enforcement Systems, Advanced Traffic Management Systems, and Advanced Traveler Information Systems. Mr. Opiola’s technology background originates with US Department of Defense projects, where he managed advanced technology projects in Artificial Intelligence, robotics, communications, advanced generation sensors, GPS, and command/control systems. He was responsible for implementing GPS on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, one of the earliest applications of GPS in ground transport. Jack applied his advanced research experience to a varied mix of commercial projects including manufacturing process control, construction, and command/control systems for municipal police and fire departments.

opiola_talkMr. Opiola has dedicated the last 25 years to transportation, designing several all-electronic toll collection systems including the Dulles Toll Road Extension, now called the Dulles Greenway, and open road tolling for several toll authorities around the world. He developed and implemented the national toll system standards for Transit New Zealand and is currently leading the policy reform of transportation in Melbourne, Australia. He has been a pioneer in congestion charging, electronic road pricing, and road user charging. He was Project Manager for the Hong Kong Feasibility Study for Electronic Road Pricing, the New Zealand electronic Road User Charging Scheme (eRUC), and the Australian Intelligent Access Project (IAP). He also was involved in several demand management schemes including technical improvements to the Singaporean Electronic Road Pricing Scheme, the London and Greater Manchester Congestion Charging System and M25 Demand Management around London for the UK Highways Agency, Auckland NZ Feasibility Study for Traveler Demand Management and a Congestion Charging Study in Tel Aviv. Mr. Opiola is a frequent consultant on RUC and ITS technology for a number of governments around the globe. His expertise in dedicated shortrange communications (DSRC), GPS/GNSS, Video and Smart Phone toll technology as well as operational efficiency has made him frequently in demand globally. He is currently the ODOT chief advisor leading a project on implementing electronic Mileage Taxation in Oregon. He has authored over 100 papers and presentations for various Electronic Road Pricing and ITS conferences. His work has appeared in various trade journals and magazines such as The Economist.